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Engineering - Projects, Training & Workshops

Electronics, Robotics, Programming, CAD & Ansys.

The only full fledged tech garage & electronics lab & traning center in Vellore.  We provide 100% hands-on training on electronics systems and embedded controllers.

• Arduino, Raspberry PI, Beaglebone, IoT, Intel (Quark, Edison, Galileo), AVR, PIC, 8051, ARM, TI Launchpad, etc.

• Instrumentations : Fluke Multi-meter, Rigol DSO (Digital Storage Oscilloscope), Function Generator, DC Power Supplies, CRO, Weller Soldering Station,

We support all kinds of design and analysis projects for students in varierty of softwares.

The best place in Vellore to learn and do projects in Ansys.  Handled by a senior industry expert with 17+ of CAE analysis experience. 
High Performance Compute (HPC) workstations ( 12 Cores Xeon & 124 GB RAM) to support demanding projects.  

● Structural and Thermal Analysis using ANSYS Workbench
● CFD analysis using ANSYS Fluent & CFX
● Multi-physics anlysis ( eg. Fluid Structural Interactions )